Thermal diagnostics / Thermography

Thermal devices, also knows as thermal cameras, temperature cameras, thermal imaging cameras, infrared cameras, thermal sensors, are devices that capture the emitted infrared energy (IR). The digital interpretation of the captured radiation is presented in the form of radiometric images called thermograms.

All objects (above absolute zero) emit infrared energy as a function of their temperature. This energy is generated by the vibration of atoms and molecules, and the higher temperature of an object, the faster its molecules and atoms move.

Fig. 1/ Spectrum of light

These sensors are also used in the remotely controled UAV, significantly improving the ability to monitor dangerous and difficult to reach areas. They are widely used for thermodiagnostics in:
- Electric network
- Power plants and sun powered energy
- Heat exchange network
- Piping systems
- Safety and security
- Natural disasters and fires
- Gas leaks
- Thermal modeling



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