Services and application

UAS is the new standard in mapping and geodesy for professionals requiring the highest accuracy regardless of the conditions. Many professionals in geodesy and cartography around the world successfully use UAS technology for their applications because it is:

  • a strong economic solution that allows for aerial mapping with accessible results;
  • a safe solution that works even in difficult weather conditions;
  • an efficient tool allowing for faster collection and processing of data from traditional terrestrial geodetic technology;
  • designed for fast flight planning and data collection, allowing fast response to your customers' needs;
  • a modern technology that can be easily used to serve multiple professional markets and applications.

Orphoto capture with UAS technology is an economical solution that offers fast, easy and efficient work and excellent results.

Designed for engineering and geodesy, infrastructure design, 3D modeling and visualization, road construction, mining, melioration, pipelines, floods, erosion monitoring, research (geology, hydrology), oil and gas industry, forensic science and more.


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