UAS Aerial Imaging

Aerial mapping is a technology for obtaining reliable information about physical objects through a process of measuring and interpreting images with sufficient transverse and longitudinal overlap.
UAV are capable of capturing images through the compact digital cameras they carry or performing direct measurements with LiDAR sensors. This provides the ability to collect data in manual, semi-automatic or automatic flight mode.

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) technology is a leading mapping solution that does not use human intervention on board. With the help of these systems high productivity, quality and accuracy are achieved. The end products of the processing of graphic arrays are a point cloud and the orthophoto image.

Solitech JSC offers aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with photogrammetry systems or Lidar, for further information, please send your inquiry to us!

UAV applications

  • Engineering
    - Topographic mapping
    - Volumetric calculations
    - Mining
    - Urban planning
    - Digitization of cultural heritage
    - Analysis of Electiral network
    - Agriculture management and development
  • Safety and security
    - Risky and hazarous mapping areas
    - Border control
  • Forensics
  • Thermodiagnostics
    - Electric network
    - Power plants and sun powered energy
    - Heat exchange network
    - Piping systems
    - Safety
    - Natural disasters and fires
    - Gas leaks
    - Termal modeling

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