Surveying equipment for rent

Solitech JSC offers the opportunity to rent geodetic equipment of the products offered by the company. If you need equipment for an ongoing project in a short time or if you can not buy new equipment, this service would make it easier for you to solve current tasks and problems.

Products for rent that the company offers:

  • Mechanical total station M3 without operator
  • Mechanical total station M3 with operator
  • Automatic total station with operator
  • GPS / GNSS receiver without operator
  • GPS / GNSS receiver with  operator



  • The rental of equipment for rent in a fast and express request is made according to the availability and capabilities of the company.
  • The client notifies SOLITECH in advance (not less than 7 days) when declaring a pre-ordered service. Otherwise, you owe a penalty of 30% of the fee for each day you requested.
  • Transmission shall take place no earlier than 17:00 on the day before the requested start date.
  • The return shall be made no later than 08.30 on the day following the end date requested



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