Mapping of underground sites and infrastructure

Geodetic imaging via georadar systems is an innovative technology that locates objects at small - less than 2 meters and bigger - from 2 to 5 meters dept below the ground and provides reliable information about the existence of man-made objects (facilities, objects, ducts etc.) or natural forms (cavities, different layers, materials, etc.).

Georadar registers the changes in electrical characteristics (conductivity and permeability / permeability) of the environment, which are directly related to the type of soils and rocks and to the physical and chemical properties, sending by electromagnetic signal to the ground surface by means of its two-frequency antenna (simultaneously on both frequencies) below it and records the strength of the reflected signal and the time it takes to return it to the receiver.

Solitech JSC offers geo-radar capture with GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) IDS Opera Duo and mapping of underground ducts with SPAR 300 system.

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