Deformation studies

Based on the technologies development in the last years, the research of various contemporary methods in geodesy applied in its different fields are of great interest. One of the applied areas of geodesy are deformation surveys, or deformation monitoring. 

Deformation monitoring (also referred to as deformation survey) is the systematic measurement and tracking of the alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of stresses induced by applied loads. The purpose of a deformation survey is to determine whether or not movement is taking place and subsequently whether the structure is stable and safe. Deformation monitoring is a major component of logging measured values that may be used to for further computation, deformation analysis, predictive maintenance and alarming. Movement can be further analyzed to see if it is due to seasonal factors, daily variances etc. and then more importantly use the information to determine future movement of the structure. There can be many reasons why this type of work would need to be carried out. 

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