3D Scanning for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

From the design stage to the inspection stage, 3D scanning and measurement is an integral element of architecture, engineering, and construction. Our terrestrial scanning services can save you hundreds of hours on planning time and misspent labor.

Solitech’s 3D terrestrial specialists have experience with new construction, renovation, historic preservation, and building inspection projects around the world. Terrestrial scanning services is an ideal 3D as-built documentation solution for any building project’s needs.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Services:

  • On-site 3D scanning of your site that is virtually unlimited in size and environment including broad daylight, the dark of night, indoors, and outdoors
  • Receive complete documentation of existing as-built conditions
  • Obtain permanent records for immediate or future uses
  • Save time and cost by reducing your time with cameras and measurement devices
  • Increase safety in unsafe locations
  • 3D scan and replicate sites and ornate details
  • Verify architecture of floors, walls, buildings & more – this technology is great for the AEC/AEP world and many specific benefits based on your industry and application

3D Scanning Deliverables:

  • 3D CAD models
  • BIM integration
  • As-built Documentation
  • Point Cloud Data
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Plan View Drawings
  • Fly-through and presentation capabilities with more accuracy than photos or video alone


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