Trimble S7

Combines scanning, imaging and surveying into one powerful solution.

Trimble S9 / S9 HP

Solution for monitoring, tunneling or another highly specialized application.

Trimble Net R9

GNSS Reference Receiver.

Trimble DiNi Level

Trimble Quality and Accuracy for Measuring with Confidence.

Trimble 4D Control

Combine GNSS and optical data on a single project with accurate measurement and detailed data analysis.

Campbell Scientific LoggerNet

Main datalogger support software package.

Campbell Scientific PC400

Mid-level datalogger support software

Soil Instruments ARGUS Monitoring Software

Web-based data-management, calculation and presentation tool.

Soil Instruments In-Site Software

Software used for presenting Inclinometer data.

Campbell Scientific CR6

Powerful core component for your data-acquisition system.

Campbell Scientific CR300

Multi-purpose, compact measurement and control datalogger.

Campbell Scientific CR800

Smaller, research-grade datalogger designed for stand-alone operation in harsh, remote environments.

Campbell Scientific CR1000X

Datalogger that provides measurement and control for a wide variety of applications.

Soil Instruments Tilt Logger

Standalone MEMS Tiltsensor with integrated datalogger and GSM/GPRS modem.

Soil Instruments VWlog2

Simple, rugged, low-power, 2 channel Datalogger

Soil Instruments VWlog8 GPRS

Eight channel Datalogger which reads most sensors, communicating via GPRS.

Campbell Scientific CWS900

Allows a sensor with a special connector to be used in a wireless sensor network.

Campbell Scientific CS-3G kits include a COM111

Modem that allows data to be collected from a remote datalogger across 2G and 3G mobile phone networks.

Campbel Scientific NL240

Wireless networking peripheral that provides Wi-Fi connectivity to our dataloggers and peripheral devices.

Campbell Scientific NL121

The easiest and lowest-cost way to add an Ethernet interface connection to a CR1000 or CR3000.

Soil Instruments The HELM

Read electrolytic sensors, DC voltage and can be used as an Ohm meter.

Soil Instruments VWnote

Handheld device which takes readings from vibrating wire (VW) sensors.

Soil Instruments VWread (Vibrating Wire Readout)

Handheld readout that reads most commercially available geotechnical Vibrating Wire (VW) sensors.

Soil Instruments Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensor

Establish a temperature relationship between structural changes and measurement result.

Soil Instruments Thermocouple

Instrument for measuring temperature in concrete, soil and rock.

Soil Instruments PT100 Resistance

Ideal instrument for monitoring temperature during concrete curing.

Campbell Scientific CWB100

The master radio you use in a Campbell Scientific wireless-sensor network.

Campbell Scientific CS451

Pressure transducer with a a stainless-steel case.

Soil Instruments 4-20MA Piezometer

Designed for accurately measuring pore water pressures in fully or partially saturated soil and rock.

Soil Instruments Heavy Duty Vibrating Wire

Designed for long term monitoring and accurate measurement of pore water pressures.

Soil Instruments Vibrating Wire W9

Designed for accurate and long term measurement of pore water pressures in fully or partially saturated soil and rock.

Soil Instruments Water Level Meter

Ideal for measuring the depth of water in standpipes, wells and boreholes.

Soil Instruments Horizontal Digital Inclinometer System

Specially developed system for high accuracy and resolution measurement and monitoring.

Soil Instruments Inclined Digital Inclinometer System

System for monitoring lateral movements and deformations of soil, rock including retaining structures.

Soil Instruments Vertical Digital Inclinometer System

System developed for monitoring lateral movements and deformations of soil, rock including retaining structures.

Soil Instruments Invert & Hanging Pendulum Systems

Systems used for accurate and long term monitoring of horizontal structural movements.

Soil Instruments In-Place Inclinometer (IPI)

Product designed for near vertical borehole applications.

Soil Instruments Smart In-Place Inclinometer (Smart IPI)

System for remotely monitor lateral displacement within a vertical borehole.

Soil Instruments Standard Inclinometer Casing

Specially designed for inclinometer test systems and is typically installed in boreholes.

Soil Instruments Easy Connect (EC) Inclinometer Casing

Specially designed for inclinometer test systems which are typically installed in boreholes.

Campbell Scientific SR50A-L: Sonic Distance Sensor

Rugged acoustic sensor for measuring the distance from the sensor to a target.

Campbell Scientific CS120A: Atmospheric Visibility Sensor

Ideal for stand-alone applications or in combination with automatic weather stations in road, aviation, solar-energy and more.

Delair UX5

Field readiness and high speed data collection for GSD down to 2 cm.

Delair UX5 HP

High precision and easy operation without GCPS: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Trimble Access

All day, every day. What professionals use to survey in the field.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) - Microdrones GmbH (Germany)

UAS with excellent quality, outstanding design, allowing hundreds of hours of flight without the need for engine replacement.

Delair UX11

Large-area mapping with centimeter-level precision and optional PPK for survey-grade results

Machine Control for Drilling

Optimize production and revenue for drilling, piling and dynamic compaction operations. All day, all night and under almost any conditions.

Geosense VWP 3000/3100

Piezometers to measure groundwater elevations and pore pressures

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