Soil Instruments Vertical Digital Inclinometer System

The Soil Instruments Digital Bluetooth Biaxial Vertical Inclinometer System has been specially developed for monitoring lateral movements and deformations of soil, rock including retaining structures. The Vertical Digital Inclinometer System comprises a biaxial probe, cable reel and a rugged field PC supplied with ‘Inport’ data logging software. The Digital Inclinometer System takes highly accurate readings of lateral deflections. A Bluetooth connection between the instrument and the field PC makes taking readings fast, simple and allows for winding of the cable reel as you take readings without having to disconnect datalogging equipment. The Kevlar reinforced cable provides strength but yields significant weight reductions.

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  • No connectors between probe, cable reel and field PC
  • Probe is manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Precision sprung wheel assemblies
  • Bluetooth connection between cable reel and Field PC
  • Accurate and precise measurements using MEMS sensors
  • Repeatable depth control using metal markers and cable gate system
  • Field PC allows easy interface with most office systems and applications
  • Enhanced ‘Inport’ software to use with field PC for easy data capture


  • Eliminates water ingress and connection problems
  • Digital signal allows interference-free data transmission
  • Advanced electronics ensure long, trouble free use in a site environment
  • Can take a day’s worth of readings on a single battery charge
  • Lightweight and easily portable


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