Soil Instruments Easy Connect (EC) Inclinometer Casing

Soil Instruments unique Easy Connect (EC) Inclinometer Casing is specially designed for inclinometer test systems which are typically installed in boreholes. However, its versatility renders it suitable for use in landfills, cast to concrete or attached to structures. EC (Easy Connect) Casing is an ABS inclinometer casing manufactured in 3m lengths using advanced extrusion techniques, resulting in an accurate groove profile with precise keyways formed at 90° into the internal surface. This allows for the accurate orientation of inclinometer probes and IPIs. Designed to replace traditional inclinometer casing, EC Casing is both faster and easier to install, with no rivets, tape or glue required. Just push together and the joint is made.EC Casing can be extended or jointed at any point along its length; telescoping couplings are also available to cope with significant settlement or heave.

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  • Push fit, faster and easier to install than standard inclinometer casing
  • Reliable joints; a machined slot ensures consistent keyway alignment
  • Watertight; an ‘O’ ring on each seal prevents ingress of water or grout
  • Deep, tight groove profile ensures accurate data
  • Joints tested against pull apart, collapse and twist forces
  • Manufactured from virgin ABS


  • Requires no rivets, tape or glue
  • Savings in installation time significantly reduces labour cost and drill rig standby charges
  • Can be used in conjunction with magnetic extensometers to form a combined inclinometer/extensometer


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