Trimble X12

The Trimble® X12 scanning system unites the best of both worlds with industry-leading hardware and Trimble’s powerful, ultra-efficient Trimble Perspective software for guaranteed peak performance.

"Enhance Your Perspective"

With the Trimble X12 scanning system unparalleled ease of use, increased efficiency, exceptional quality of point clouds and imagery, are now more accessible than ever.

No more complicated workflows. No complex registration process. No compromises in accuracy, speed, range, or imaging.
3D laser scanning has evolved:

  • Full dome scans as fast as 23 seconds, complemented with the ability to quickly and efficiently scan areas of interest at high quality settings.
  • Control and review your scans, adjust registration, create measurement and annotations - all before leaving the worksite
  • Retake images when there are moving objects or poorly image
Accessible Productive Reliable
Simple field workflows suitable for
all users.
Collect superior scan data and
imagery faster than ever.
State-of-the-art technology for
reliable scan and image acquisition.
Trimble® Perspective software to
auto‑register, refine and export
scan data in the field.
Speed, accuracy and range to
effectively complete any job ahead
of schedule.
Robust IP54 rating and industryleading
2-year standard warranty.
Clearly view and validate scans
and images on the fly.
Unmatched HDR image quality and
integrated LED spots to capture
dark environments.
Flexible operation with tablet
or onboard user interface.
Leave the field with confidence
the project is complete.
Quickly produce indisputable results
to satisfy the most demanding
Integration with Trimble and
non‑Trimble software.


Model X12
Laser wavelength 1500 nm, invisible
Range principle Ultra-high speed, phase-shift distance measurement
Field of view  360° x 320°
Scanning time 0:46 min.
Range 0.3 m–365 m (Ambiguity Interval)
Instrument weight 6.7 kg (14.77 lbs) and 7.7 kg (16.97 lbs) with batteries
Scan speed  Up to 2.187 million pts/sec (2,187 kHz)
Imaging Type HDR, automatic, parallax free - 80 MP Panorama
Illumination system  Integrated LED spotlights, 700 lm
Dynamic tilt compensation Dual axis compensator corrects angular tilt <0.004°(14.4”)
Control Trimble T10x tablet and 5.7'' onboard display panel
Warranty 2-year standard
Trimble Perspective Registration Assist IMU / Automatic scan orientation, alignment and refinement

Scanning parameters



Scan mode Spacing

Max number of points (MPTS)

Max Size

0:23 Preview 50 176 251 0.69 5.4 MB
0:46 Low 25 88 125 2.8 21.4 MB
1:34 Middle 13 44 63 11.2 85.3 MB
3:07 High 6 22 31 44.7 341.2 MB
6:14 High х2 3 11 15.7 178.8 1.3 GB
12:28 High х4 1.6 5.5 7.8 715.1 5.3 GB
38:58 High х10 0.6 2.2 3.1 4469.1 33.3 GB


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