3D Laser Scanners

Each project requires properly selected tools - whether the final product is topographic or architectural surveying, performing complex analysis, collecting data for restoration or digitization. Trimble® has solutions you can rely on to overcome these obstacles and quickly assemble, analyze, model and generate precise end products.

Technical characteristics comparison


  Trimble X7  Trimble X12 Trimble SX12
Range 0.6 m - 80 m 0.3 m - 365 m 0.9 m - 600 m
Max speed 500 kHz 2.187 mHz 26.6 kHz
Typical scan duration 2 min - min 1 min - 3 min 6 min - 12 min
Leveling Automatic self- leveling Manual with compensation Manual with compensation
Imaging 3x10 MP 80 MP 3х8.1 MP
Weight (inc. battery) 5.8 kg 7.7 kg 7.8 kg
Calibration Automatic * Annual service Manual field calibration service every 2 years
Typical workflow In-field registration In-field registration Survey workflow with automatic scan registration
Interface Tablet with Trimble Pespective Build-in interface and Tablet with Trimble Perspective External controler with Trimble Access
Standart warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
* Full auto-calibration of range and angular systems


Trimble X9

Versatile advanced scanning and imaging you can depend on

Trimble SX12

Built for seamless workflow integration and better, faster results in every field.

Trimble X7

Compact and lightweight system that increases efficiency and provides confidence in data collection.

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