Soil Instruments Smart In-Place Inclinometer (Smart IPI)

The Smart In-Place Inclinometer (Smart IPI) System is used to remotely monitor lateral displacement within a vertical borehole. The Smart IPI System has been designed to supersede traditional IPI systems; with advanced technology and new mechanical design, the Smart IPI is seen as a new product rather than just an improvement to the old. The Smart IPI System comprises in its most basic form a Data Acquisition system, a Sensor Interface Module, one Top Support Assembly, up to 39 Smart IPI Sensors and one Terminating Sensor. The Easy-Connect Coupling and single cable approach lead to a much easier, quicker and more efficient installation as well as an increased number of sensors per borehole.

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  • Biaxial MEMS Sensors
  • Single cable system
  • Sensor strings give a readily automated profile of vertical or horizontal displacements
  • Factory allocated serial numbers
  • Onsite allocation of sensor IDs
  • Mechanical/electrical connection rated IP68 to 2000 kPa
  • Accurate and precise measurements using MEMS sensors


  • Easy to automate using data acquisition system and ‘Argus’ software
  • Removes the need for manual monitoring
  • Fast onsite installation with minimal cable management
  • Plug-and-play into Sensor Interface Module (S.I.M.)
  • Calibration factor stored in each sensor allow output in engineering units
  • Up to 40 Smart IPI sensors per borehole
  • Ability to add to the network as and when required


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