Optimal Ranging SPAR 300

Optimal Ranging, Inc. and Solitech JSC is pleased to announce that Vivax-Metrotech, a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for underground utilities, has acquired its Spar 300 product line. Vivax-Metrotech will continue to supply the Spar 300 products via the existing Spar dealer network worldwide, leveraging their deep experience in marketing, sales, engineering, and support of products in underground utility locating. Vivax-Metrotech has more than 40 years of experience globally; its products are used by virtually every utility company throughout the world.

For more information visit:http://www.optimalranging.com/spar

Christian Stolz, CEO of Vivax-Metrotech, said: “The Spar 300 product family has become an industry standard for the underground utility survey market worldwide with its features and seamless integration with Trimble’s world-leading GPS products. We are pleased to add the Spar 300 products to our existing product line and provide an even more compelling set of products to the market.”

Pradeep Pandey, CEO of Optimal Ranging, Inc. said: “We have worked diligently over the past five years bringing significant innovation in modeling electromagnetic fields, signal processing, nonlinear optimization, and sensor hardware to design and deliver the Spar 300 product. The results speak for themselves, as evidenced by the success of the Spar 300 products in the marketplace. We are pleased that Vivax-Metrotech also recognizes this success and, with its global presence, plans to expand delivery of the Spar 300 products into markets worldwide.”


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